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10 Important things to know about Podcasting


You may be wondering, what is a podcast? A podcast is a means of addressing an audience that you can’t reach with your blog otherwise. More people are nowadays listening to podcasts than they are reading blogs. A podcast is an excellent means of getting new followers to your blog. So before launching a podcast, you must understand the following basics about Podcasting.

  1. Audience first

The rule is first the audience, then the guest, and finally the podcaster. Too often podcasters place the guest first predicting they are a beneficial material or think that people only want to hear two people chat.

  1. Podcasting is a Long Road

The most significant aspect of Podcasting is the opportunity to create trust in an audience. Trust takes time to grow, and you make frequent partnership deposits and earn a few withdrawals from a podcast.

  1. It is a Show

It's not a chat. A show is supposed to be a story. It should start by capturing the attention of the audience. Then fascinate them and set expectations as to why they should give you time. Several events, or concepts, build on the other; provide the listener with the opportunity to listen.

  1. Proper Planning

Shows are far more attractive when cohesive and thoughtful. It can only be achieved reliably through preparation. It also enables you to preview potential episodes that can be quite effective.

  1. Coherence and Longevity

Thousands of podcasts are done with 20 episodes or fewer. It isn't easy to develop a large subscriber base. Don't be disappointed if in the first 20 minutes you don't see the figures you were expecting.

  1. Engaging Content

Nobody wants to listen to your show except for your relatives and near friends. As a podcaster, you must be passionate, trained, updated, and motivated. Take this into account when promoting your show.

  1. Connect with the Audience

Even if you have only ten listeners, engage them. Make it a goal for each episode to name a listener. Ask for their views, feelings, and other little things.

  1. Deliver just the right stuff

Have the right and informative stuff. Not everybody is a follower of someone who gives detailed updates on life. Get to the good things quickly if it isn't a highly important story.

  1. Tight Editing

The best podcast for business doesn't attempt to take too long if you have a subject that's perfect for a long format. The message is to keep it as tightly as possible.

  1. Give more attention to the feedback

Podcasters often put more emphasis on the download than the actual feedback. Give some more time to gather the attention of the listeners.’


It could appear obvious, but it is natural to get self-conscious and doesn't sound like you when you first speak to a microphone. Smile, laugh, and be intense while conducting your show. If you have one, don't cover your accent. Be yourself and take pride in getting the message out. You will have a group of supporters soon enough that they can't wait for your next episode.