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In an ideal world, your clients would just love your business and be quite willing to shout it from the mountain top. However, in real life that is not always the case. Your business must ensure that your customers trust you and are confident that they will always get good value for their purchases from you. However, every day, there are so many other businesses vying for your customer's attention and trying to woo them away from you.


For your business to grow consistently, you need to ensure that you are providing excellent service and good products on a regular basis. Mastery of relevant Social Media platforms can be very useful in telling the world who and what your business is all about. According to recent studies:

  • 75% of businesses confirmed that advertising online increased the traffic to their website
  • Social Media platforms are growing at an exponential rate.
  • Many prospective buyers will have researched your business online before they place a call to your business.

It is therefore very important to present a cohesive and professional look on your Social Media platforms. Facebook continues to be the No. 1 platform for businesses, so it is very important that you are putting out good quality and professional content about your business. This is very important and cannot be overemphasized. Your Social Media profiles should be linked to your website and the profile buttons should be easily visible without the client having to scroll down the page.


You should also post to the Blog section of your website, the latest information on your business, new products to be launched, important news, scheduled events or conferences, Sales discounts etc. etc. The blog provides an opportunity for you to connect with your customers on a personal basis e.g. charity events supported. 

Some business owner plans to write all the blog entries on their own but often times, get distracted by the day to day work grind and hardly find the time to do so. It is always better to have a Content Marketing plan, so you can generate your social media posts in advance. It can be a time saver for the owner to outsource these articles in advance so that you are consistently generating fresh content to your blog and Social Media profiles.

When communicating with your clients, it is important to write these posts with one person in mind – your customer. Instead of tooting your own horn about how great your business is, you need to demonstrate how you are able to save them money and time. Period. You should also try and answer as many questions as you can upfront to assure the customers that your product is a good fit for them.


Your activity on Social Media also has an advantage and affects how Google ranks your website. When you create good content, it creates better interaction and sharing by your clients. These send social signals to both the Social Media platforms and the search engines on how many people are interested in your business and the content on various platforms. It is therefore important that you have a marketing plan and stick to it.

You can also outsource the bulk of the work by contacting CAVS at 281 447 3888 or We will be happy to assist and provide solutions that work for you. Visit our website at to see various Social Media services that we provide.