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How to use video marketing to double your business in a year.

When creating a marketing strategy, most businesses tend to focus on content marketing such as web pages and blogs, which in theory, is great and will help position your business in the biggest search engine in the world, also known as Google. However, if you only stick to content marketing you’re leaving another very important marketing strategy also known as video marketing. And trust us, if you want your business to increase its sales, you have to start making videos now.

Why It is Important to have a Video Marketing strategy
Nowadays people want their information delivered to them quickly, and what is better than to do that through a short, helpful video that will actually attract customers?

According to a study made by HubSpot in 2017, up to 81% of businesses use video content as their strongest marketing tool, not only that, but up to 97% of marketers said video marketing has actually helped them increase their annual sales.

This makes sense, especially when you realize 54% of the general public would rather see a video than reading or receiving a newsletter from the brand or business they are interested in.

How to create a successful Video Marketing Campaign
Video marketing should be a central part of your whole marketing strategy. This means actually including this type of marketing campaign in your schedule and successfully integrate to the other parts of your plan. That being said, to create a great video marketing campaign you will have to:

  • Define your content. The type of content you will be creating is directly related to your ideal customer avatar and should be made to get their attention in the quickest most effective way possible.
  • Your content has to be unique, fresh and aesthetically pleasing. Remember, you are working with people with very short attention span, and they will click away from your video in two seconds if they don’t find it interesting enough.
  • Make sure the type of content you’re trying to create aligns well with your business’ image, but most importantly, that truly reflects who you are as a business and what you have to offer.
  • Follow a schedule: The trick to a great video marketing strategy is having a posting schedule carefully mapped out. This way, you are constantly uploading new, valuable content on your platform while being consistent. This specific part requires a lot of thinking, it requires you to take the time to look at data and analyze which day is the best to post, how many videos you’ll post per week or per day, what they’ll be about and so on.
  • Make your website video-friendly: According to a study made by Unbounce, using videos on your website can raise the sales conversions by 80%. Which proves using videos on your website will result in visitors turning into clients more effectively. As a matter of fact, according to research made by KissMetrics visitors are 85% more likely to purchase something from you after watching a video about the product or your brand itself.
  • Understand what it takes to create a video: Unlike regular blog posts that you could write in about three hours or a couple of days, videos actually take up a lot of time to make. This means you have to count on a team that is capable of creating a script, working the cameras, shooting, editing and ultimately upload the videos as the schedule demands.

As you can see, creating a video marketing strategy should be taken as a major part of your marketing campaign. Yes, it isn’t necessarily easy to do, but what it can do for your business once you start posting regularly, will double your business sales in a year. If you want to learn more about video marketing, you can always reach me at

Bunmi Adebajo

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