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The 6 Best Things About Content Marketing

Content Marketing involves the use of various consumables like videos, blogs, tutorials, case studies, etc. to establish thought leadership and drive curiosity among users about the product or service without directly promoting it. Here are some best things about this process that have made businesses consider it as a must-do activity for meeting marketing objectives.

  1. Offers multiple tools to engage the audience

As mentioned above, content can be any form of communication that speaks directly to the consumers coming over the web in search of some solution. So, the combination of correct language and style is required which can match consumers’ convenience. This process allows interacting with the audience through text-based blogs, corporate videos or explainer videos, ad films, images, GIFs, and a lot more. There is a content type for every kind of customer. So, reach is certainly widespread.

  1. Content creators can be your own people, no alien from Mars!

Content creation is something that can be done even by curating the existing content and modifying it according to the brand’s message. The credits are duly given to the original creators, which helps to develop a mutually profitable niche in the process. That is why; it can be done by internal agents of any company too. Forward thinking brands hire dedicated content marketers’ to promote their brand. This can be done easily without breaking the bank. 

  1. Small efforts – big results

Statistically speaking, a simple content marketing strategy brought about 6 times higher conversion rate in a budget that was minuscule in front of conventional marketing. A simple change in an old blog has the capacity to increase engagement by about 400%. Just by adding videos in content marketing strategy, the audience response increased by about 60%.

  1. Ability to drive positive customer opinion and improve ROI

Making correct content marketing strategy can compel audiences to sit up and take notice and give responses too. The consumers of content reacting to blogs, or guest posts and sharing it in their networks deliver the most important objective of marketing, which is an increase in conversions and a boost in ROI. Content marketers offer a feasible way to incite opinions and raise customer awareness about the product that translates eventually into increased sales.

  1. Allows developing an interactive way of promoting brands

Shifting from one-way communication to two-way mode comes easy with branding strategies involving content. The brands which create content that speaks to the customers in their language are more likely to gain a bigger customer base, studies reveal. With the help of interactive materials, the brands are able to gain information about customer expectations which they deliver in the form of innovative product features.

  1. A very fast-growing industry

And last but not the least, content marketing has become that growing elephant in the room, that businesses should not ignore at any cost. This industry has grown from $1.75 million in 2015 to $300 billion in just four years. These humongous figures speak a lot about its relevance in the present market scenario.

So, if you have yet not included it in your marketing strategy, you surely are missing something out. However, its never too late to start. Give us a call to review your content marketing strategy.



Bunmi Adebajo

Bunmi Adebajo is the President of Best Content Marketing, an agency focused on Content Strategy and Content Marketing. She is a Content Bulldog who is passionate about business growth and development. She lives in Houston, TX and can be reached here.