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Top 5 Chrome Extensions to Save You Time

If you are familiar with the chrome browser, you must know how effective chrome extensions are. They are a small software program that customizes the user's browsing experience. Depending on your work or task you want to complete, installing a  chrome extension can be beneficial and time saving for you..

If you are in the field of digital or content marketing, blogging, and SEO, you can improve your productivity with the help of different chrome extensions. Here are five of the best chrome extensions you as an online marketer can use to save time:

  1. Grammarly (

Writing long-form articles and blog posts can be tedious, especially when you don't have an excellent grasp of grammar. Common text editors like MS word don't provide the most accurate results. Grammarly extension helps you check different types of errors. Depending on the plan you choose (free or paid), it can help you detect errors such as spelling, punctuation, word choice, etc. If you are not from an English country, the use of Grammarly can help you improve your writing and make it easy to ready. Over 20 Million users already use Grammarly to improve their documents and presentation.

  1. Keyword Surfer

To create effective and easy to understand content, smart SEO and digital marketing experts use Keyword Surfer for effective keyword research. It is also a free alternative to Keywords Everywhere and works exactly the same way.  The tool reviews the Top 50 results on the search engine and gives you a clear pathway to reverse engineer the same results. In addition to keywords data (like search volume, CPC, keywords suggestion, etc.), this extension also provides data for traffic, wordcount, and keywords of top 9 sites ranking for the keyword you are searching for. It also analyzes over 500 ranking factors that the search engines take into consideration and you can see what you need to do to get your content to outrank your competition.

    3.  Mozbar

Moz is the largest community of SEOs and digital marketers. You must have heard about Domain Authority (DA) metric. The DA metric is created by Moz. The higher a particular site's DA, the more authority it is. It ranges from 0 to 100. Mozbar is the chrome extension created by Moz to help SEO experts and marketers get metrics of the website they visit. This extension tells DA (domain authority) and PA (page authority) of any site you visit.

  1. Google Page Speed

Google has over 200 ranking factors for every search result. The speed of a website is one of those 200 important factors. If a website is not properly optimized to be as fast as possible, a big chunk of people may be impatient and click out from your website. This will affect the user experience and the bounce rate for your website will be high. This seriously affects how Google ranks your website and ultimately your sales. Google Page Speed extension helps you know the site's speed just with a single click. Through this extension, you do not have to visit the Page Insights site whenever you want to check the speed.

  1. SEO Meta

SEO Meta is a very useful tool to obtain meta tags and data for your website and will positively improve your SEO efforts. By installing this Chrome extension, you can get data related to headers (H1, H2, H3 tags), number of images on the web page, alt tags, titles, number of internal & external links, and social data (Facebook & Twitter). The extension also displays previous on-page SEO errors and provides you with an opportunity to fix these errors immediately.

If you continuously employ these extensions, you can improve your site SEO, content writing, and get critical competitors' data that will help you rank better.