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What Google Ranking Signals Must A Content Marketer Know?

The content plays a vital role when it comes to the SEO of a website. The technical SEO is also crucial, and its significance can never be ignored, but a content marketer should always keep checking the latest Google updates.

Google wants you to keep posting the unique and high-quality content, but the question that arises here that what Google ranking factors must a content marketer should know?

In this article, we have targeted some points which can help you rank your content high. Google looks for the following factors before ranking your content. Keep scrolling to read more.

  • Content Should Be Relevant

Relevancy of your content is the most critical factor. Google used to match the exact sequence of words with the documents already indexed.

But the latest Google updates have indicated that Google has been working to improve the relevancy signals.

Google has introduced semantic mapping, which helps Google identify each query in context.  Semantic research is helping the content creators write the most relevant and highly researched content.

Google uses this content to find out the relevancy. There are some important tools that can be used for writing a more appropriate context for meeting the expectations of Google and readers.

  •  Create Linkable Content

The quality backlinks help you rank the website. Google has placed the Backlinks at the center of its ranking algorithm. Even in the latest Google update, the backlinks are the essential tools that a content marketer can never ignore. Content creator should create a content which attracts the links.
Now the question arises here that how should be backlink? Backlinks should always be simple. There are several types of backlinks, but you should always go for natural backlinks. Creating a linkable content is the key.

  • Match The Right Keywords

The latest Google updates have indicated that Google doesn't give importance to the exact match of the keywords, but focusing on the targeted keywords is still crucial.

The title tags in Google should match the focused Keyword. The concentrated keyword and title tags should not be matched, and it is recommended to have some variations.

This implies that Google is still focusing on targeted keywords. The optimization of your targeted keywords is essential.  

  • Content Should Be Engaging.  

The engagement of the audience is considered a direct ranking factor. Google keeps an eye on your audience is doing on your site. The audience needs to find relevant and high-quality content, which is providing an answer to the query.

The time spent by the user on your website and the bounce rate is considerable here. They both depend on the quality of the content.

The best way to find your content's performance is by using the tools, including website analytics. They can track the performance of their content.

Do you think that content will ever lose its worth and significance? The importance of content is increasing with time, but the content marketers should pay close attention to the points which can help you rank your content higher. 

Bunmi Adebajo

Bunmi Adebajo is the President of Best Content Marketing, an Agency focused on Content Strategy and Content Marketing. She is a Content Bulldog who is passionate about business growth and development. She currently lives in Houston, TX and can be reached here.