Address: 600 Kenrick Drive, Ste B10, Houston, TX 77060

281 447 3888 OR 1 800 683 3888
7 Days a week from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

How can I get a price quote or a shipping cost quote? 
Products and pricing are current each time you refresh your web page. Some products and pricing will be changed without notice. All orderings, price quotes, and shipping quotes may be obtained 
online or by phone at 281-447-3888 or 1-800-683-3888.

Where can I get more information than provided on the website or your products? 
For more information on our products, you may email or call our customer service dept. t 281-447-3888 or 1-800-683-3888  or email us at

I placed an order a week ago and the price had dropped since my purchase, can I get a price refund? 
We do not offer any price guarantee. The prices in our industry change too often and too fast, 
for us to offer such guarantee. All prices are as they are, at the time of the sale.