Taiyo Yuden DVD Silver Thermal 300 pack

Taiyo Yuden

$ 129.00 

Taiyo Yuden/JVC, the industry leader in quality and reliability, brings you this premium 16x DVD-R silver lacquer disc. Ideal for users looking to eliminate errors at burn time and playback, JVC/Taiyo Yudnen manufactures these discs to the highest specifications. If you you are experiencing skips or errors on old set-top players, mini-van players or portable players, you will find these discs will dramatically improve playback. If you currently see high failure rates at recording time, these discs will address that as well, reducing burn failures dramatically. Of course, the condition and quality of your recorder and your master disc affects this, but quality discs like this always offer better burning results.


Taiyo YudenDVD
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